Week 4 Preview

July 1, 2021

I hope everyone had a great week and is ready to play again tomorrow.  

As usual I start with the PSA:
  • Detailed Standings & Schedule for the rest of the season can be found here
  • Games start at the time listed.  Warm up beforehand (as early as 7:50).  There are extra boards.  
  • You must be here on time for your game or you forfeit that game. 
The schedule:

Now on to the Preview:
2 Maybe 3 Guys, currently on a 3 game losing streak, has one winnable game against Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah.  Maybe if their 3rd guy, who was a start high school football player, shows up they can make their opening game against Just the LeTip competitive.   
Just the LeTip has had 2 constants.  They still have a double The in their name and Win every game.  Their 2nd game is against We are the champs, who have lost a player and are considering a name change.  Hopefully, Rob Stein is able to join Barry this week and they can come up with a better name.  
Will Jtd (please change that), bounce back from a disappointing loss to LeTIp?  With an average of approximately 11 points more than their first opponent (Cornholios), they should start with a win.  That may also depend on who is in the lineup for the Cornholios as one of them needs to stop hitting the ceiling and start hitting the board more.  
Jtd then takes on Bag & Chain in our Game of the Week between our 3rd and 2nd place teams, respectively.  While Jtd has the ability to beat Bag & Chain, it will take Jtd’s best (74 to date) and some poor play by Bag & Chain, who averages 70 a game for the upset to happen.
Another interesting match up and what some could argue should be the game of the week also includes Bag & Chain.  In their opening game of the night they take on Green River.  If you do not factor in their late registration, then in games actually played they average 64 points.  With a high of 75 to date, they easily could be in 3rd place had they been with us during Week 1.  No matter how their 2 games go Bag & Chain will be tested all night and it will be the first time since their opening game loss to LeTip that the games might be competitive.
Brother Gochman is currently in 4th place.  However, they will need to step it up.  The open against the dangerous Green River, who averages almost 20 more points per game.  They then play Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah.  With Dan Smith supposedly making his debut, this is a game Bibbidi can win.  
Bibbidi finishes the night against 2 Mostly Likely Not 3 Guys.  Again, the arrival of Dan Smith could make the difference here.  No pressure on Dan, but your team could use its first win or two.
The final game of the night is between We are the Champs and The Great Cornholios.  These teams so far have been as even as the come, averaging 44.5 and 43.6 respectively.  That said, the Champs average was brought down last week by some fill in players.  Like Dan Smith hopes to jump start Bibbidi, the arrival of Rob Stein could be just what the 1-4-1 Champs need.
See you tomorrow!
-Matt aka The Commish