Week 3 Recap

July 1, 2021

Week 3 was another fun night.  Let’s take a look at how it went down.

None of the teams with bad names (Jtd & We are the Champs) are yet to submit a better name.  2 Maybe 3 Guys, which as mentioned is a great name change, might want to consider another change to either Just 2 Guys or 2 Never 3 Guys as Joe is yet to come down.  Joe blows up my texts talking about Cornhole on ESPN, yet cannot bother to show up and play in real life.

Speaking about people not showing up, it’s now 2 straight weeks that Scott  is missing.  Should we put up some posters?  Does Barry need a new teammate.  And will Jillian make her debut for Green River next week?  We sure hope so.

The game of the week between Just the LeTip (is that like TCBY Yogurt?) and Jtd lived up to the billing.   With a 65 – 62 victory LeTip should be sending Dave a thank you basket as blew a 4 point lead with just 3 frames left. In frame 18, Dave put up a big fat 0, but it was still ok as Jordan did the same.  Mark and Todd held even at 5 each making it 62 – 58 going into the final frame.  Then Jordan went all Reggie Miller and Dave went John Starks with LeTip winning the round 7 – 0, including a last bag hole to give LeTip the 3 point win at 65 – 62.  

Dave told me after the game that he like pictures not words so here you go Dave:

With a dominant win over Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah earlier in the evening, LeTip stays undefeated.  With some easy games ahead, the only game left on their schedule that could be an issue is a rematch with 2nd place Bag & Chain on March 16.   If they are able to win that one, they are likely to enter the playoffs undefeated.   

In other action, Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah continues to have a great time, but fell to 0 – 6.  Thank goodness everyone makes the playoffs.   Dan Smith you better show up once in the regular season to help get a W and to make yourself playoff eligible.

Green River got their first 2 Ws.  They along with Bag & Chain and LeTip average 74 per game on the night.  All enough to win every game.  

Both Brothers Gochman showed up.  Unfortunately, it only helped a little.  They split their games on the night with their opponents putting up 47 points each time.  Fortunately, for the Great Cornholios, the Gochman boys only put up 39 against them, while 2 Maybe 3 Guys just lost with the Gochmans putting up 48.  Their split on the evening leaves them in 4th place at 3 – 3, which ties Jtd.  However, Jtd has a 54 point scored advantage to claim 3rd at this time.

The standings (see below), show some interesting things.

  • LeTip, who earlier in the season beat Bag & Chain, remains 1 W and 12 points ahead.  No change happened there.
  • There is a huge difference between LeTip/Bag & Chain and everyone else.  The point difference between 2nd and 3rd place is 2 Ws and 91 points.
  • If you really want to say you are good you should be averaging 4 points per frame.  While some did that last night, will anyone be able to finish the season strong enough to get there overall?

Look out for the Week 4 Preview later this week.