Week 3 Preview

July 1, 2021
I hope everyone enjoyed their week off and is ready to play again tomorrow.  
As usual I start with the PSA:
  • Detailed Standings & Schedule for the rest of the season can be found here
  • Games start at the time listed.  Warm up beforehand (as early as 7:50).  There are extra boards.  
  • You must be here on time for your game or you forfeit that game. 
The schedule:

Now on to the Preview:
Just the LeTip comes into Week 3 still without a loss.  They start the night with a match up with our last place team in Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah.  While the ladies on that team showed some skill in Week 2, they have a ways to go until they are ready for our league leaders.  Just the LeTip then moves on to what is being billed as our game of the week against Jtd (Please give me a real team name already!!!).  The 3rd place team of Jay, Todd, and Dave hence Jtd, has a shot here, but needs to step up their game a bit to make this competitive, yet alone capture a W.  I’ll unfortunately being routing for the horribly named Jtd,   Come on Dave, help Aaron and I out by knocking out our biggest competition.
2 Maybe 3 Guys, formerly known as 3 Guys, wins the award for best name adjustment.  Seriously, I’m not sure if there are 3 Guys.  Will Joe ever show up?  
Will Jtd finally get into the team renaming game and top the 2 Maybe 3 Guys?  (Just on rename as they do not actually play each other this week).
Speaking of teams that need a rename, the 1-2-1 “We are the Champs”  could sure use one.  You cannot call yourself the Champs and be in 7th place.  Maybe if Scott shows up this week to support Barry B. they can get on a roll. Scott or no Scott, they are in trouble this week with games against Bag & Chain (2nd place) and Jtd (3rd place).  Even picking up one W or another Tie would be a huge victory.
Brothers Gochman is undefeated, when both Brothers show up.  Their streak goes back 2 summers when they won the Men’s Club BBQ tournament.  What is it with guys named Barry not getting the support they need from their teammates. Will Steve be there for Barry this week to help get the team back on track or will he let down Big Brother again?  With games against two 2-2 teams in the Great Cornholios and 2 Maybe 3 Guys, anything could happen.  
Green River made its debut last week and needs a big outing this week to get out of the hole they are in.  Will Jillian be able to join us and help turn their luck around?  With matchups against 2 Maybe 3 Guys and Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah they have 2 games that could go either way.  With a little bit of luck they will get not just their first, but also their second win this week.